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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beer for One, Beer for Fall

Tonight my husband and I finished off the adobo carnitas from last night. Yum.

We also had a cocktail.

But I'm here to tell you about a beer I tried recently. I came upon it one day in the corner grocer down the street. Hoptober Golden Ale by New Belgium. I went back and forth between this beer and another I had my eye on. I stood for quite some time. I contemplated the cost vs value and thought about what kind of beer I like most. I thought about what kind of beer my husband usually gravitates toward. I looked at the cute packaging and thought how much effort was put into the New Belgium packaging. Some artist must have thought this up and painted it or drew it, or something. It was nice. Then I realized that there was someone else also looking at the beer. I was likely in their way. So I just grabbed the Hoptober beer and found that it was the last. *this is one reason my husband usually picks the beer out for us, because I tend to over think my options and take waaaay too long deciding on what to pick*

Upon returning home and cracking one of these bad boys open I realized that I really really really liked this beer. It's not that I don't usually really like the beer I'm drinking. It's just that I typically opt for a cocktail over a beer. Beer usually gives me a full and round belly. That's how I feel anyway, after drinking one or two. I mean, seriously. I feel like I've eaten a steak after drinking one or two beers. Then once I've finished my second beer I'm done. I can't really enjoy my dinner, I don't want another beer and I certainly don't need a cocktail stuffed into my belly.

This beer was still filling. No doubt. However, I couldn't get past how yummy the flavor was. At the top was this slight floral aroma with bounces of hoppiness. The taste was clean, refreshing, super hoppy, floral and a touch bitter (I like bitter - it's good for digestion). After the first one I cracked open another to my husbands wonderment. It is that good. I was willing to possibly sacrifice food and cocktail for one more Hoptober.

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