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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick and Easy One Person Dinners

My husband goes to school two nights out of each week (until mid December). So Monday and Tuesday nights are pretty much set aside for leftovers, simple dishes and anything I can grab out of the fridge to eat.

Sea Queen® Alaskan Salmon Burger
These. Sea Queen Wild Caught Salmon Burgers. I bought them at ALDI. I happen to enjoy ALDI food. I find that you can get basics here for a reasonable price. Now a days it's also easier and easier to buy food with less or no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils and with more healthful nutritional content all around. I pretty much always look at package ingredients.

Whenever I'm shopping at ALDI I have to be a bit more careful of package ingredients that I do at the Trader Joe's which is just one level up (yes, I have an ALDI and Trader Joe's in one building. It's magical). These Salmon Burgers aren't bad at all. The calorie and fat stats are good and low, the ingredients are few and reasonable and they are super easy to cook up. I can put one of these in the oven to bake, put it under the broiler or on the stove top and just a few minutes later I have a really tasty, high protein, low calorie dish.

I also love these...

The entire package of these noodles is 40 calories. 40 calories! They are made of tofu and have a good amount of protein in them and you can buy them in different styles. They are called Tofu Shiratake Noodles. I mean, you can do almost anything with these. Basic marinara and a sprinkle of Parmesan, stir fry with veggies and soy sauce, chicken fettuccine, the possibilities are endless. 

You do have to follow the package directions carefully before eating them. They have a little bit of a smell - which is normal with this type of tofu. After rinsing them and then boiling them and cooking them with the sauce of your choice they have nearly no smell. Although, it is there, it's very slight but it doesn't actually bother me at all.  I buy these at the little corner grocer down the street from where I live. 

I also enjoy extra firm tofu blocks. I like to slice the tofu and marinate it in soy sauce and eat it cold just like that! Of course they are yummy cooked too, but sometimes isn't it nice just to pluck something out of the fridge and eat it? Instead of getting out the pots and pans and making a spectacle just eat it as is. It is good cold. I promise. 

This also looked really good and easy to prepare:

Of course there is always take out, delivery and frozen pizza to fall back on, if none of these are up your alley! My suggestion for frozen pizza is Home Run Inn Pizza. This is the best frozen pizza I've ever tried. I love the thin crispy crust and I think all of their varieties are delicious!

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